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Founder & Director


Shay Kuebler

Artistic Direction, Choreography & Sound Composition

Since I was a child, I was in love with movement and story. I believe that all of us are like this originally. We are captivated by the stories our family and elders share with us. As much as we can understand, we are the only species on our planet who share and teach each other through story.  


At the age of 5, my passion for movement and storytelling were fostered through the martial arts and dramatic arts. I can vividly remember recreating epic action sequences and fight choreography in my backyard. The need to express and move was strong. This passion carried forward through my childhood and would lead me to dance. Interestingly, I believe that dance was inevitable for me to discover. I see it so clearly as the equal meeting point of movement and story. At least, searching for this balance has been a continual goal over the last 15 years as both a choreographer and director.

I've been very blessed to study, train and work in numerous fields of movement and the performing arts. I've travelled to China, Japan and Brazil to learn traditional martial arts and movement. I've been a part of theatre, dance, circus and aqua shows. I've performed as a martial artist, choreographed synchronized swimming and directed actors on how to move as their characters. This willingness to be involved and exposed to many different art forms aligns with a philosophy coined by Bruce Lee, "Everyday put yourself in a situation where you are like a child; where something is completely new and unknown. In this place of being green and uncomfortable, we grow the most." This philosophy has definitely been a part of my journey as an artist and it also connects to the name of the company.

Radical: The natural and instinctual part of us that wants to move and create.


System: The student and part of us that grows through structure and technique.


Art: The full cycle and meeting point of the student and instinctive self. Now, all instinctive behaviour is framed with structure and technique.

In writing out this biography, I've realized how much RSA is an outlet for this childlike need to create, move and tell stories. Maybe that is one of the reasons why dance and theatre can be so captivating: they tap us into our instinctive need to learn and be creative. I believe that these two art forms equally teach us and help us teach others. I also believe that they can transcend certain borders and limitations we have as a global community. Regardless of where you are from, we all connect back to our need to move and express ourselves. RSA is a continual investment into growing as artists and finding performances that can reach and impact audiences.

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